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This is a place where you can find Japanese art gallery web sites. They frequently consist of the artist's personal info, diary, BBS (message board), links to other sites, and a gallery. A gallery typically will consist of images of their own original characters, some copyrighted characters from comics, anime, videogames, etc., some images given to them as gifts (often celebrating reaching a number of hits on their site, or celebrating the new year), and images they have given other sites as gifts.

I originally began collecting these sites as creative inspiration. Initially I was looking for Japanese sites relating to anime, but finding the wild creativity of the Japanese artists, both fans and professionals, made these sites hard to resist.

Note that if you follow the links to some of these sites you should have Japanese language support enabled in your browser. They're hard enough to navigate as it is sometimes.

Some of these sites contain images of an adult nature. Although I will generally try to avoid offering those images here, following the links will potentially lead you to some questionable material, so be forewarned.

The artwork from these web sites is generally copyrighted, and is linked here for the purpose of review, which is allowed under the fair use clause.

However, it is still recommended that posters get permission from the artist before reviewing their site. There is currently a campaign to protect the rights of these artists, which can be found at http://www3.to/ofp/

The creator and primary maintainer of this community is nnnslogan.

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