Steel Feathers (ex_steelfeat514) wrote in gallery_japan,
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Searching help.


I'm new to the club, just joined and I'd wish I found this sooner!

Now this might seem like a daft question to ask. What search engines and what do you type to find all these great Japanes fanartists?

For example I'm a fan of Breath of Fire 4 and I've joined a BoF forum which posts lots of wonderfully drawn fanarts from game series, mainly from Asian artists. I'd like to find some of these artists for myself (sadly the forum rarely posts the links to the sites which does annoy me as I'm an artist myself so credit would be nice ect.) but I don't know how. I know it's incredibly lame, lol, but I'm not very good at searching I tend to only find artworks on deviantart. It's always baffled me so I think there must be an art to searching for Japanes fanarts, lol! Anyways thinks for any advice and help. Sorry to be a bother.=)
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