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East Imperial Palace Garden, Tokyo

On my first trip into central Tokyo I caught the subway from the Roykan I was staying in in Nippori. I had set off to central Tokyo with no real plan for the day, when I came out of the subway station the exit was right across the road from Tokyo Central railway station and it was a very regal old looking building. Not knowing what to do I looked around for a bit and came across a tourist map detailing the attractions within the immediate vecinity.

One such attraction was the East Imperial Palace Garden, as far as I know this is the only part of the castle grounds that the pubic is allowed to enter on a daily basis. I could see it's high outer walls and trees poking over the top of them down the end of one of the long wide avenues from where I was standing reading the tourist map. So I decided to make my way down the avenue and checkout the garden.

When I got to the end of the avenue I discovered that there was water at the bottom of the high castle walls and looking up and down the walls found a little bridge for me to cross.

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